#1 Martial Arts Mobile Training Apps

An individual must first understand the methods for utilization their body and weaponry to best defend against attack - armed and unarmed - and commit to the study of these methods, in order to maximize effectiveness.

Our pilot app, Fighting Styles’ Knife Fighting I addresses the use of the knife with a regular forward grip. Hwa Rang Do Grandmaster, Taejoon Lee offers detailed strategies, tactics, and training tips of the fundamentals of utilizing the knife in a linear pattern to effectively apply the knife as a defensive tool against any form of violent attack. It is first demonstrated by Grandmaster Lee and then application of the technique is analyzed and demonstrated for you to study.

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About Us

First and foremost, we are all martial artists and our team’s common bond starts on the mat, inside our “dojang” – Korean for martial arts studio.

Our team consist of a Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, an Internet Marketer and a Genius Programmer.

And yes, sometimes we even walk into bars together – [insert bad joke here].


Meet Our Team:

Grandmaster Taejoon Lee


Ferny Ceballos

Josiah Kiehl